“Information Technologies, Telecommunications and Control Systems” December 14 – 15, 2015

The event brought together more than 85 attendees for two days of 54 inspiring presentations.

Conference Proceedings are archived at the Ural Federal University and indexed in RSCI.

The best Conference Speaker Papers are listed below:

Shaidurov K. D. – Evaluating the possibility of designing three-dimensional ground penetrating mobile technology

Mikheev A.V. – Research methods of collecting traffic statistics in ip data networks

Sokolov R.I. – Potential detection spectral component of compromising emanations signal usb keyboard interface

Bannikov I.A. – Analysis of bow-tie antenna properties for brain microwave radiometry

Vekshin P.A. – Developing a mathematical model for diffraction of electromagnetic wave from a solid of revolution

Solodyankina E.A. – Automation of process of control of analog signal on the example of mil-std-1533